Trading Diary

… Saying that, even with this strategy hitting a stop loss is possible. Unfortunately, losses are a part of trading. However, this strategy has an average success rate of a good 90%. This success rate allows us to trade profitably in the long term and in different market conditions. In really good months, our signals achieve up to 50% profits on our trading portfolio. Even in bad months we usually achieve around 10-20%. Why do we achieve such high returns? Because we have found a way to trade successfully in almost any market situation with a 50x-100x leverage! 50x-100x leverage you ask? Yes, we are crazy!

That’s also what sets us apart from others. Our strategy. It’s entirely our own creation. Our trading diary entries come directly from us to you and the diary is exclusively available only from us. With the said returns, it is possible even with a comparatively small initial deposit – in a reasonable time frame – to build up decent capital.  Since we implement all published diary entries ourselves, a lot of love and attention goes into the selection of trades. 


Whether you want to use our trading diary is entirely up to you. We are NOT connected to your portfolio via APIs. This means that you are completely free in your trading and that only you have full control of your entire portfolio at any time. 


We publish our trades, whether and how you implement them is completely up to you. You are free to choose and have complete control over your money.