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The Trading Prophets is the most lucrative trading diary on the market.
In our trading diary we show you how our prophets deal with different market situations.

- Trade like a Pro without being a Pro!

Trading Diary

Our Trading Diary enables you to follow how the Trading Prophets setup their own trades, when they enter a trade, whether it is short or long, how they place their stop loss and when they close their trades. 

You have the opportunity to implement the details of the trading diary yourself if you feel like it and learn from it.  

The advantage is obvious. You don’t need to be a professional to gain your first experiences in trading, you save yourself time and energy having to determine entries yourself, because you can follow live when the Trading Prophets choose the best times for trading. They not only have years of experience in trading, but also work with our trading strategy, which we lovingly call the „Holy Grail“. – read more


Most people associate the word trading with things like luxury, expensive cars, villas and yachts. That’s where trading can lead to, however, like any other profession, trading is hard work.  Although entering trades is done with a few clicks, it is another matter entirely being able to read and understand charts in order to remain successful in different market conditions in the long run. Since there is no traditional training to become a trader, there is a painstaking learning curve one has to go through, a lot of research and even more trial & error.
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Start your dream career with the Trading Prophets today

Your portfolio is growing? You like our team and what we do? It’s not enough for you to focus solely on learning trading on your own? Then become a Trading Prophets Distributor and help our trading community grow all over the world! 

We offer you a lucrative Multilevel Marketing System, with the help of which you can develop yourself independently and on your own terms. No one tells you when to work, no one tells you how to work, and no one tells you where to work from, you are completely free. – read more

Trading Academy The Trading Diary is not detailed enough for you, or maybe you want to create your own trading setups and become more independent? In this case – we have a solution: our Trading Academy.  Learn the basics and subtleties of trading.
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Network Marketing Academy Your chance to get started with the Network Marketing Academy and learn from scratch how to do it RIGHT! Get professional training from our cooperation partner Frank Heister and become a successful Network Marketing Professional!
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